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"Dead Static Drive has a lot of character and potential. I really love the visual style and the theme of the game."

Jupiter Hadley


"Dead Static Drive is stylish but also evocative, its landscape stark with horrors and the kind of isolation and loneliness that comes from being the sole witness of something incomprehensible."

Stephanie Chan

Rock Paper Shotgun

"I’d play a monsterless driving game with these lovely graphics, but there are monsters scattered all across this eighties themed land, and you can hit them in the face with an axe."

Adam Smith

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Reuben Games (formerly Team Fanclub)


Melbourne, Australia


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Dead Static Drive

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Grab your bat, steal a car, and take your chances against the unearthly horrors found along Route 666. 


Dead Static Drive is a cosmic horror survival roadtrip game. Sometimes referred to as Grand Theft Cthulhu, Dead Static Drive is weird fiction meets anti-Nihilism simulator. You will need to trust people in order to survive. But which ones are the real monsters?

Development History

May 10, 2021

Dead Static Drive is currently being developed by Mike Blackney and Reuben Games, formerly Team Fanclub.

Monetization Permission

Team Fanclub Pty Ltd. (trading as Reuben Games) allows for the contents of Dead Static Drive to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Dead Static Drive is legally & explicitly allowed by Team Fanclub Pty Ltd. (trading as Reuben Games) and its founder. 

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