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"Dead Static Drive has a lot of character and potential. I really love the visual style and the theme of the game."

Jupiter Hadley

"I’d play a monsterless driving game with these lovely graphics, but there are monsters scattered all across this eighties themed land, and you can hit them in the face with an axe."

Adam Smith


"Dead Static Drive is stylish but also evocative, its landscape stark with horrors and the kind of isolation and loneliness that comes from being the sole witness of something incomprehensible."

Stephanie Chan


Dead Static Drive is Grand Theft Cthulhu. An indie survival-horror game following a nightmarish road trip across a 1980s Americana, Dead Static Drive blends weird fiction and uncanny Eldritch themes with a spooky unease underlying this small-town life.

Heavily influenced by the work of weird fiction authors T. E. D. Klein, Gene Wolfe, & Ramsey Campbell, filmmaker David Lynch, and photographer William Eggleston, Dead Static Drive hopes to invoke images of an America now lost, where with the right car and enough gas, anything felt possible.

At its core a survival game, Dead Static Drive sees the player needing to scavenge, fight, sneak, and explore in order to stop the continuing violence of an estranged father, who has fast-spiralled into a paranoid recluse convinced technology will ruin us all. 

Prevent the deadly consequences of his delusions. Evade police. Equip yourself and those close to you, and follow your own moral code.  Learn how—and who—to trust. And learn it fast, the monsters are gaining on you.

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